Learn about the various ways you can support CUDAS UnHooked


For volunteer inquiries, please contact Jane Hendricks at (401) 465-2055 or jhendri300@gmail.com.



Someone who has skills in a particular subject and is able to meet and teach the student on a 1 - 1 basis for as long and often as is necessary for that student to grasp the subject and continue the study. Occasionally, it may behoove the tutor to meet with the student and teacher or student and parent in an effort to get to the bottom of the difficulty that the student may be experiencing.


A person who is willing to: take the time to lend an ear, be an adult friend, have a caring heart, take time, be an adviser, help guide and envision successful outcome and, all in all, be with the student. It is important to remember that it may take time to develop that relationship. A trust level is not necessarily automatic. Some students have been disappointed over and over. They may subconsciously put up a barrier because they don't want to be disappointed again. But, a mentor's caring and attentive actions can and will eventually break through that barrier.




A person who can transport students to and from for jobs, activities, volunteer opportunities. A person who will sign up for a specific time for transporting and will follow through on that transportation. In transporting students it is important to remember that you are not expected to necessarily transport students to and from at the whim of the student. It should be for CUDAS UnHooked activities or a job when the student is not able to ride his/her bike to the job. CUDAS UnHooked and/or the parent should be advised of the need for transport.



Meal provider

Help provide meals for students for a specific time. For example, sign up for a specific day or event and then follow through on that day.


CUDAS Closet

Meet with that committee to find out how to help. How to obtain the money needed to take a student shopping for shoes or jacket, etc. Where to take the student to go shopping, how to report the experience and the money spent, etc.


Meet with the fundraising committee to determine the needs and how the volunteer best fits in. Provide assistance in asking, recording, or researching opportunities.



Teach students how to cook, including what to cook for nutritional meals; willing to step aside and guide as the student prepares the meal. Help the students understand that clean-up is an important function of meal preparation.



Teach students good manners in certain situations (i.e. restaurants, relating to peers, to elders, on a date, etc.); be able to show and illustrate respect and responsibility.