Meet Kyle

"I have learned a lot throughout these past three and half months and been doing a lot of thinking about where would I be if I wasn't accepted info the house and where I would be living and if I would have a job or would end up like everyone else. But the day I got the interview, and I got approved, I spoke to God and seen that I can make a change in my life, different from everyone else. I came from a rough environment, so when I came and moved into the house with the welcome of about two and a half dozen people I almost broke down in tears seeing how much support this program gave and is still giving at this point". 


MEET GAbriella

"I was introduced to the organization on a referral of a friend on mine in English class. As I entered into a space created by people who actively practiced selflessness, I had experienced something fairly novel to me. I am held accountable by the images of each face ad each person in CUDAS UnHooked and the dedication they have shown towards my betterment. And with that knowledge I know I shall never stand alone".




"I have had a very rough life in the 18 years I’ve been here. I’ve been through more than people that are older than me. It went from losing my parents to being sexually assaulted. I’m still trying to recover from it but I am so strong I know it will only take some time for me to grow from it and become the great person I am".