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Assistant Director of Student Services

Reports to: Director of Student Services

Duties include:

• Assists the Director of Student Services.

• Monitors academic performance of all students via Grade Book/on-line applications and with students individually.

• Identifies students in need of academic assistance and meets with them to discuss academic plan of action and resources required (e.g. office hours, tutoring, study plans, etc.).

• Coordinates tutoring requirements with Club Tutor for study session.

• Coordinates additional tutor volunteers with Volunteer Coordinator and Director of Student Services as required.

• Seeks job opportunities for Club members, including House Residents.

• Enlists students to participate in various volunteer opportunities with Director of Student Services, and assists with keeping track of student volunteer hours.

• Coordinate transportation for students to various activities via the Volunteer Coordinator.

• Plan and arrange student lunches for weekly on-campus Club meetings.

• Works closely with Director of Student Services and Volunteer Coordinator.

Required Skills:

Organizational skills

Ability to communicate well with high school students

Familiar with Microsoft Office applications (e.g. Word, Excel, Outlook)


student resident support


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