Throughout the school year, CUDAS UnHooked assists students with basic clothing needs. These students dream of enjoying special events such as Homecoming and Prom, just as their peers.  All too often these at risk or homeless students are forced to support and clothe themselves before they’re taught the necessary skills and have the essential resources to do so.

Whether to improve students’ self-esteem or alleviate the anxiety and social pressure that surrounds not having these basic clothing needs, there are so many factors that perhaps a new shirt or appropriate fitting shoes might help. 

Your financial and/or gift card donations to CUDAS Closet provide our students with new clothing purchased especially for them and assists as they learn the necessary skills to be successful. 

Together we are transforming lives and building a better future for our students.

we greatly thank you for your generosity!

Donate to CUDAS Closet


We focus on these four areas of need.


Back to school (August)

Early in the school year we hold a fundraising effort to provide school uniforms for those in our Student Club.  The average cost to sponsor a student for their back to school clothing needs is approximately $250 – please consider assisting with a donation or gift card that will provide back to school necessities for the students. 

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Basic Needs (All Year)

As clothing needs arise throughout the school year, we provide CUDAS UnHooked Students with essentials purchased especially for each of them.



Homecoming (September/October)

CUDAS Closet Consultants use funds to dress students for homecoming; from dresses and shoes to suits and ties.


Prom (May)

During prom season, CUDAS Closet Consultants work to provide dresses, shoes, accessories, hair, make-up, manicures, and pedicures for the young ladies, as well as tuxedo rentals, shoes, and haircuts for the young men.  Our goal is to ensure that each student experiences the event just as memorably as their peers.

For questions about CUDAS Closet, contact Suzanne Grushoff 516-639-9972