CUDA Closet collects donations of gift cards and monetary donations so that as needs arise we can get new clothing for students as needed. We often have students who have just moved to our area that have immediate needs of essentials, as well as yearly needs such as back to school, homecoming and prom.

Regardless of whether impressing other students is one’s goal, there is a laundry list of factors that perhaps a new shirt or good fitting shoes could help ease some of the tension.  Too often homeless or at risk youth are forced to  support themselves before they have the skills, knowledge or available resources to do so.  With basic needs at the top of their list, please support Cudas Closet to ease tension.


We focus on these four areas of need.

basic needs.jpeg

Basic Needs (All Year)

This continues throughout the year as needs arise to provide basic clothing to students who are displaced, homeless, etc.



Back to school (September)

In September we hold a fundraising effort so we can provide school uniforms for students in our Student Club.   The average cost to sponsor a child for all their back to school needs is $250. That covers uniforms, backpacks & shoes. Any amount you can give will help fund a student's confidence when they step into the classroom . 


Homecoming (September/October)

CUDA Closet Consultants utilize funds to dress students for homecoming. From dresses & shoes to suits & haircuts.


Prom (May)

During prom season, CUDA Closet Consultants work provide dresses, hair, makeup, tux rentals and everything a child needs to have an enjoy the prom experience.

For questions about CUDA Closet, contact Susan Grushoff 516-639-9972 or